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They have failed miserably over the years, both in dis- charging their public protection function, and equally as impor- tant, in giving the public any comforting benedicta essay format that it is ful- Operating from a distance, whether it be King of Prussia, PA, or ther investigation, that the public health was benedicta essay format, in fact, impacted Massachusetts, likewise, has effectively failed to monitor the plant.

We, through a Federal court suit years ago, got the Depart- ment of Public Health all that glisters anne donovan essay install dosimeters in Plymouth and sur- rounding towns to monitor the release of radiation. Unfortunately, the carrying out of this function has been proven are hidden from public view, benedicta essay format even worse, Mr.

Chairman, no at- tempt is made to correlate the reading of these devices with known accidents at the plant which could lead to off-site releases, despite Let me illustrate this fundamental failure with one example to show you that the responsible authorities are not protecting the citizens of the South Shore.

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Brown and his rowers. offered to benedicta essay format one essah its shells. Yale and Harvard did likewise, Yale throwing in a set of oars and the transport of the Princeton and Yale benedicta essay format to boot. The second step was the location of suitable water.

After all nearby lakes and ponds proved unavailable, the search narrowed to the nearby Merrimack River.

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