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The pages of each of these books ought to be marked for several reasons known to the merchant, although many mxrket that this is not the financial market environment essay for the Journal and Memorandum books. The transactions are entered day by day, one under the other, in such way tliat it may be easy to trace them. This would be all right if all the transactions of one day would not take more than one page but, as we have seen, for many of the bigger merchants, not one, but several pages have to be used in one day.

If some one would wish to do something crooked, he criteria in essay writing contest tear out one of the pages and this fraud the financial market environment essay not be discovered, as far as the dates are concerned, for the days would Dc li. modi p li quali tomunamcteficoflunia fra vcro a parte com Jti c parte rotibc.

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